Technical Requests


We have designed all of our performances to work in most any environment.  However, In the end, we will work with what you have to offer.  If at all possible we would like the following:


Staging and Props

We will provide the required props.  We will be pleased with any efforts made to create a stage set with plants, columns and candles for ambiance purposes only.

If performance area is the church itself we understand and will work with the environment.  If the performance area is to be theater and/or theater like we prefer, if at all possible, horseshoe audience seating wrapping around a slightly elevated stage.  The stage area should be at least 24' wide by 12' deep.  It can be square, round or whatever shape works for your environment.


Access to a microphone input jack or your PA system to connect my sound equipment (mixer, microphone & I-Pod) to your internal sound system or a sound system which you provide.


We will supply the music, unless of course you want to involve your own musicians and choir.  We encourage this if it is possible at your parish.  We would be pleased to discuss the music with you or your music director.


The performance is designed to work with most any venue.  It is always best if the audience lights can be reduced and the stage area lighting enhanced.

Dressing Room

A private location with easy access to the stage. The room should be a minimum of 12' x 12' with good lighting and a mirror.  It should include a chair and a table.

Product Sales

A table to display DVD’s and books to be made available to those interested.

Staffing Required

A technical team to be in charge of the sound and lights.

A person (s) to be posted at the table and oversee the sale of our CD's, DVD's and Books.

General Information

Mark will arrive at least 90 minutes in advance of the performance.  It is important that the facility be available for a test of the lights and sound.  The staff in charge of the lights, sound and product sales should be there and available when Mark arrives so all aspects may be coordinated.  The goal is to spend 30 minutes setting-up the lights, sound and product sales and then Mark will spend approximately 1 hour getting into costume.  If you will be providing the music then the music director needs to also be available 90 minutes in advance of the performance.

We do allow taping, filming and photographs as long as:

It is done in a way which does not disturb the audience and Mark is given copies of the audio, video and/or photographs.


We will send a promotional flier you may use to promote the presentations.   Many times the flier is taken to FedEx/Kinkos and large foam core posters are made to help promote the performance.  This is done in addition to inserting it into the weekly bulletin and notices in any local newspaper if you so choose.  There is also a Photo Album available from our website.  You will find numerous photos, which you may download and use as you wish to help promote the performance. 


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