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Mark's Daily Reflections

During this Coronavirus lock-down Mark is presenting a daily message entitled If Not You, Then Who?   They are reflections on the Scriptures with a connection to our world today.


As an Evangelist, Educator and actor,

an award winning radio commentator​, author, business executive,

elected community leader and even a Shakespearean trained actor,

Mark Price brings a compelling presence

and rare depth to his presentations.

About Mark Price

As an Evangelist and Educator

Mark Price is celebrating his 45th year in Ministry (1974-2019). 

He is not only a cradle Catholic but likes to refer to himself as a “Creedle” Catholic as the Creed has been foundational in his faith.

As an Evangelist, Educator and Actor, an award winning radio commentator, author, business executive, elected community leader and even a Shakespearean trained actor, Mark Price brings a compelling presence and rare depth to his presentations.  He combines his theatrical

background with his speaking experience. 

Mark performs 7 historical men of our Faith: 

Saint Joseph, Simon Peter, Judas Iscariot, Doubting Thomas, Saint Paul, St Luke and St. Francis of Assisi. 

Mark's Ministry, for the past 45 years, has focused very specifically on one goal, reigniting the Faith in those who still attend but have perhaps lapsed in the level of their belief and participation.   

Mark works to accomplish this through talks and performances of and about the lives, from a human perspective, of historical religious figures. His goal is to draw parallels between the human frailties and failures of historical figures and how they addressed those shortcomings and how we might learn to deal with similar issues in our own lives.

As an Actor

Act 1 - Early Stage Work

Mark developed a love for performing at a very early age.  His first experience was in elementary school in 1961.  He sang "Do You Hear What I Hear?" as part of the school Christmas play - He was hooked.  His mother was a great influence and driving force in the early years.  She encouraged his auditioning and participation in many plays both school and at community theaters.  She even founded and ran a community theater at which Mark performed in numerous roles.  Mark proudly keeps some of his mother's scripts for her roles including Hamlet, The Enchanted Cottage and Alice in Wonderland.

Mark has played roles in theaters around the country.  The roles have ranged from Shakespeare's Sir Andrew Aguecheek (Twelfth Night), Mercutio (Romeo & Juliet), Prince Hal (King Henry IV, Part II) and Nick Bottom (A Midsummer Night's Dream) to Cyrano in Edmond Rostand's Cyrano de Bergerac.

Additional plays include "Of Mice & Men", "The Odd Couple", "Barefoot in the Park", "Harvey", Spoon River Anthology", "The Importance of Being Ernest", "Ah Wilderness", "Our Town", "Tom Jones", and many more.

Mark is very proud of his first one man show - "Oscar Wilde - In His Own Words".  A play written and performed by Mark beginning in 1975.

Act 2 - Stand-Up Comedy

In the early to mid 1970's through 1979 Mark played in many of the nations comedy clubs.  He enjoyed the experience of standing in front of an audience and working to make them laugh.  He enjoyed working alone and in a couple cases working with a partner as a comedy team.  Mark was proud to be apart of Ernest D. Glucksman's comedy troupe.  An early group of comedians, led and instructed by the great Ernie Glucksman.  They wrote and performed their own material at clubs in the Los Angeles area. 

In those early days of modern stand-up Mark had the great honor of performing on the same stage with people who have become incredible stars.  He was lucky to see the very early work of Jay Leno, Robin Williams, Jimmie Walker, Freddie Prinze, to name a few.

Mark enjoyed stand-up but much preferred his theater experience.

Act 3 - Biblical Portrayals

In 1983 Mark was encouraged by famed child actor Bobs Watson to combine his theater background with his faith based efforts.  Mark was moved by Bobs Watson and his ability to combine his acting with his faith;  Bobs was 33 years a movie actor and then 33 years a Methodist Minister.  Mark took up the challenge and developed his one-man Biblical Portrayals.  The series is entitled "In Their Own Words".

Since 1984 Mark has performed his Biblical Portrayals around the world in churches, halls and theaters.  His performances have been translated into many different languages.  In 2008 his Portrayal of Saint Paul "One Body, Many Parts - Saint Paul, In His Own Words" was filmed and shown in movie theaters nationwide. 

As a Corporate Speaker

Mark has been speaking professionally since 1978.  His professional speaking was an extension of his theater background and corporate marketing and advertising experience.  When a guest speaker did not "show" for a regional marketing event Mark was asked to step in.

Corporate Organizations

Mark's ability to educate by way of motivational speaking arises out of his long experience with and constant vision for the development of the auto industry. Since 1975, Mark has been around the block many times. He has experienced great success working with the auto industry and its eclectic characters and companies. One thing must be said - Mark Price has knowledge about this business. While many people will claim to have the same, few have experienced auto sales in the dimensions Mark has. He is in the business of sharing this knowledge from time to time and this process of sharing has evolved into our motivational speaking programs. These speaking engagements are many and vary from ten minute sales rallies to full blown two day seminars in which sales and customer service strategies are taught.

Key Benefits

Professional Speaking Experience since 1975 

One of the most sought after speakers in the industry 

Available for Keynote, Product and Campaign Kick-Off's, etc.


B. Wolfe, Field Operations Manager, Toyota Motors

"What a terrific, motivational and uplifting presentation you made at our Kick-Off Rally.  Our salespeople thoroughly enjoyed the important message you humorously presented!"   

Jack Parkinson, Division President, Sunroad Enterprises

"As our guest speaker, you surpassed anyone that had previously been with us."   

Anna Dewey, President, Women V.I.P.'s

"You are a tremendous speaker.  Everyone was greatly impressed and grateful to you for bringing this great message."   

All Hallows, La Jolla, CA

“All of Mark's portrayals are absolutely wonderful!“

St Joseph’s Cathedral, San Diego, CA

“Mark has an undeniable gift to captivate the listener's attention through his performance and portrayal of Biblical figures. He brings them to life and humanizes them for his audience. His presentation in grounded in sound Biblical scholarship and is educational and entertaining for a wide variety of audiences and age groups. The response has been fantastic.”

St Peter, Mount Clemens, MI

“Our Parish always enjoys and feels inspired by all of Mark's visits. We look forward to any new performances and lectures that he creates in the future.”

Whispering Winds, Julian, CA

“Excellent presentation. enjoyed by all. Great flexibility with different groups.”

Queen of Angels, Alpine, CA

“Mark is always amazing in his portrayals! We had Judas during Lent and it was well attended and very thought provoking! Thank you Mark!”

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