Simon Peter

SIMON PETER - In His Own Words

Simon, the man. Peter the Apostle. The Big Fisherman. 

What was he like? 

What did Jesus see in him? 

What was it like being an Apostle?​

Are there men like him among us today? Why did

he deny knowing Jesus? Did you know he was

married? How did his wife participate?

Join us, and meet one man’s vision of the person, the personality, the humor, the life of THE APOSTLE, Simon Peter.

This is a Bible‐based theatrical presentation that many say is more thought‐provoking than any they have ever seen, Mark Price brings key figures of history to life. They will speak to you about their lives and experiences with Jesus.

Mark hopes that his Portrayals will encourage people to get to know those who were closest to Jesus, to dig deeper into the Scriptures and to grow in their faith.


Scene 1 ‐ Introduction

Scene 2 ‐ Simon and Andrew on the Shore

Scene 3 ‐ Meeting Jesus in Bethsaida

Scene 4 ‐ Simon and Jesus on the Shore

Scene 5 ‐ Simon’s Home

Scene 6 ‐ Traveling to Caesarea Philippi

Scene 7 ‐ Palm Sunday in Jerusalem

Scene 8 ‐ Upper Room ‐ Last Supper

Scene 9 ‐ Garden of Gethsemane

Scene 10 ‐ Peter Denies Jesus

Scene 11 ‐ Upper Room – Mary Magdalene

Scene 12 ‐ Empty Tomb

Scene 13 ‐ Simon Fishing / Jesus on Shore

Scene 14 ‐ Solomon’s Portico

Scene 15 ‐ Followers Deaths

Scene 16 ‐ Simon’s Death

Scene 17 – Conclusion

Scene 18 ‐ Q&A—Questions from the audience

Simon Peter Video Trailer


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