Saint Paul

Saint Paul - In His Own Words

Paul was born in Tarsus, Cilicia. He was a Jew, a Pharisee who hated and persecuted the followers of Jesus. 

On his way to Damascus to arrest one group of followers, he was knocked to the ground and was blinded.

As an apostle he was imprisoned, flogged, and many times was near death. Five times he received the forty lashes minus one. Three times he was beaten with rods, once he was stoned, three times he was shipwrecked and for a night and a day he was adrift at sea. He was finally imprisoned in Rome and was beheaded.

This is a Bible‐based theatrical presentation that many say is more thought‐provoking than any they have ever seen, Mark Price brings key figures of history to life. They will speak to you about their lives and experiences with Jesus.

Mark hopes that his Portrayals will encourage people to get to know those who were closest to Jesus, to dig deeper into the Scriptures and to grow in their faith.


Scene 1 ‐ Introduction

Scene 2 ‐ Called by God / Road to Damascus

Scene 3 ‐ Paul Meets Peter

Scene 4 ‐ 1st Missionary Journey / Antioch

Scene 5 ‐ Council of Jerusalem

Scene 6 ‐ 2nd Missionary Journey / Athens & Corinth

Scene 7 ‐ 3rd Third Missionary Journey / Ephesus

Scene 8 ‐ Paul Travels to Jerusalem on a Mission of Mercy

Scene 9 ‐ Paul is placed on a Ship to Rome / Malta

Scene 10 ‐ Paul is Imprisoned in Rome

Scene 11 – Conclusion

Scene 12 ‐ Q&A—Questions from the audience

Saint Paul Video Trailer


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